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Vimana Oy’s mission is to build shared ICT services and develop national digitalization. We enable our customers to obtain basiWe enable our customers to obtain basic ICT and digitalization services.c ICT and digitalization services. We provide our services locally in collaboration with our networks. We seek to offer reliable, secure and user-friendly services that are easy to deploy and enable our customers to launch, run and develop their activities in a cost-effective and productive way. 

Vimana’s project portfolio consists of service blanks whose implementation has been agreed on in the Ministry of Finance’s ownership steering, in the digital project portfolio management team, or with ministries and other government actors.

Specialist services

Vinkki service desk

Vimana’s service desk, Vinkki, will provide our customers’ liaisons with a single point of contact for all of Vimana’s services at the agreed service level.

Juhani Vuorijärvi

Service Manager

Procurement services

Vimana provides specialist services relating to public procurements, ICT contracts, and GDPR matters.

Anssi Virtanen

Director, Procurement
ICT procurement and tenders

Support for eServices

Vimana offers support for the introduction and use of services provided by the Population Register Centre (VRK), that is, the, authentication and Finnish Population Information System services. This support service seeks to promote the digitalization of our customers’ own customer service and operations, and to accelerate the widespread adoption of VRK’s services.

Anu Lehtonen

Service Manager

Management and leadership tools

Business intelligence

This project seeks to produce innovative and visually modern digital services and tools that will suit all levels of management and leadership. The project will design, develop and implement a technical data lake system and datawarehouse, complete with reporting, analytics and AI solutions. Its task is to provide the basic infrastructure and applications required for business intelligence.

Peter Soinu

Project Manager
Business Intelligence and organizer tools

Customer relationship management

This project seeks to offer a corporate CRM solution that will provide the tools required for corporate customer relationship management. Our goal is to provide centralized services for customer relations management.

Tapani Parviainen

Project Manager
CRM organizers’ tools


ICT services

Viva – a digital communication environment

A common digital communication and working environment provides our customers with a shared collection of tools as a device-independent cloud service. The environment contains tools for office work, communications and teamwork.

Jani Nyström

Service Manager

Website service

This service supports our customers in matters relating to the development and enhancement of website services. Our goal is to overhaul website services, introduce a development management model, and make platform capacity and tendered resources available. This service also supports our customers’ integration into the service’s datawarehouse.

Kalle Lukkarla

Technical Service Manager

ICT infrastructure services

Capacity service

Vimana’s capacity service will provide machine room, capacity and hosting for Vimana’s services and customers in a secure and efficient manner. Depending on the agreement, platform service capacity will be either a public and/or private cloud service.

Kalle Lukkarla

Technical Service Manager