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Privacy policy statement

Your data, your choice


This privacy policy statement applies to all websites and services that Vimana provides. It seeks to describe our privacy policy in as clear and detailed a manner as possible. When we use the term ‘personal data’, or ‘privacy-related data’ we mean information that identifies you. The following are considered to be identifying data: your name, email address, postal address, telephone number, organization, website visit history, newsletter orders, or any other information than can be used to identify you. If the data does not contain anything that can identify you personally, it is not considered personal data.

We will regularly update this privacy policy statement to ensure that our privacy policy remains up to date with our practices.

What is Vimana?

Vimana Oy (the IT service center for counties) was established in July 2017 as a state-owned company. We produce and provide Finnish counties with shared expert and development services, and also procure the required solutions both from our partners and on the open market. Although Vimana’s offices are located in Helsinki, our personnel work in many places.

Our primary objectives are to generate savings, standardize working methods and ensure equal service standards in all counties by developing and providing solutions based on digitalization and ICT services. Read more about us.

Our general privacy policy

Privacy protection and data security level
Vimana complies with the applicable privacy legislation in all of its activities, and we utilize the effective data security required by the State’s VAHTI guidelines.

Where do we obtain data about you?
We collect only the data you provide us with, and we only process your data with your permission.  You may send your personal details to us, for example, when you fill out a contact form or order a newsletter.

What and how is your data collected?
Your personaldata is primarily used to offer you the services you have requested, to update and administer your customer relations with us, and to ensure that we can uphold your rights. If you have given us permission, we will also use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Cookies. We improve our services and your website user experience with the aid of cookies. By monitoring and analyzing how our website is used, we can improve and develop better services for you and all our other users. By analyzing the actions (such as click-throughs and topics of interest), we can create and maintain the best visitor experience. Read more about our use of cookies.
  • We use your contact details to answer your support requests or contact requests.
  • Communications We use your contact details to give you both the information you request and the information we are obliged to provide you with (such as statutory changes to our practices or a notification of data security issues).
  • Marketing communications If you have ordered Vimana Oy’s newsletter, we are allowed to send you newsletters and information about our services. The newsletter showcases our activities and tells you about our services.

As a rule, Vimana Oy will not disclose data.

Data will be disclosed upon request by an authority operating in accordance with public legislation. Data and documents are public unless they are expressly specified as confidential by law.

Data storage and standard removal
Data backups and recovery: we protect your data by making backups that will help us recover data in the event of a catastrophe or security breach. We therefore ensure appropriate storage for personal data.

Removing personal information: We will immediately remove your personal data as soon as it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was originally collected or otherwise processed. For example, newsletter orders will be removed when you cancel your subscription to the newsletter.

How do we use your personal data?
Vimana Oy does not make any decisions based on automatic decision-making or engage in any profiling based on your personal data.

We may profile our communications towards target groups by asking them whether they are county representatives or not. Providing this information is voluntary, and we use it to better target our content. We do not make any profiling-based decisions that would affect an individual’s rights or freedoms.

Your right to define your data
You have certain rights with respect to your personal data.

Firstly, you have the right to know what personal data we have collected about you.

Secondly, you have the right to request the correction of any data that you believe to be incorrect.

Thirdly, you also have the right to request a copy of your personal data, or ask us to remove your data if we no longer have any need or grounds for using it. If you request us to remove or limit the use of your personal data, we may still process it if there is an extremely important and justified reason for doing so, or if it is required by law.

Fourthly, you also have the right to oppose or limit the processing of your personal data. You may disagree with the necessity of collecting of your personal data, if you think that the data we are collecting is not necessary for provision of the service (for example, if we ask you about your family relations when you order a newsletter, you can question whether this information is necessary for receiving a newsletter).

How can you exercise your rights?
You can exercise your aforementioned rights at any time by emailing us at

If you are not satisfied with some aspect of our privacy policy, you can send us a comment or complaint. We will check and investigate your complaint, and get back to you as soon as possible.

We would like to remind you that you also have the right to contact the privacy protection authorities for advice.

Read more about our privacy policy in special circumstances, such as recruitment and our telephone service.

Vimana’s stakeholder register

Vimana has a stakeholder register, and you can find the privacy policy of the register here: privacy policy of the stakeholder register (CRM) (pdf).