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Ethical guidelines


Vimana Oy is a service center, which produces and provides ICT solutions and services. We are a state-owned limited company; we act as a specialist community, whose goals are to create digital services to further the unity and cost efficiency of the regions.

Our operating principles are based on legislation, regulations, governmental guidelines, and the company’s own rules and values. We apply the national organization publicity and disclosure laws in our business activities. Our company’s management and leadership principles consist of the Board’s rules of procedure and regulations, the insider and private interest guidelines, and the rules of Vimana Oy’s management. We have also adopted our company values into the guidelines that govern our activities. Based on these values, we intend to work together with our customers, in a responsible and professional manner, effortlessly and boldly innovating in a good workplace.

To be successful, we will apply the following ethical principles to all the operations of our specialist community. Each employee, acting on behalf or in the service of the company, must adopt these principles in their activities. In addition to the company’s employees, we also require application of the ethical principles by all our suppliers, subcontractors and partners.

We, the company and its employees, will apply the following principles to our activities.

We will adhere to the law and good practices

We will comply with relevant regulations, and always acting with honesty, sincerity, and impartiality. We will adhere to and monitor any changes in legislation and regulations relevant to our operations, and share this information within the company and to our partners; from whom we shall also receive such information. We will maintain awareness of the company’s policies and guidelines, and adhere to them in all our activities.

Non-discrimination and equal treatment

We will treat other people, including our colleagues, partners, customers, with respect, fairness and without discrimination. We will not treat others differently on the basis of their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, mother tongue, or any other factor. We will not tolerate bullying, discrimination, or any kind of harassment of others, and will address such behavior to rectify the situation.  The non-discrimination and equality guidelines outline in more detail the goals and strategies of promoting equality between men and women.

Employees have non-discriminatory and equal opportunities. We strive to support a good work-life balance for our employees in different ways. Employees are valued and feel that they belong to the work community.

Expectations regarding employee skills will be realistic and employee knowledge will be utilized efficiently.

A focus on security and data protection and considering the industry’s overall goals

We are aware of our central role and responsibility in ensuring that information security is maintained in the operations of our customers. We are aware and adhere to the company’s security guidelines. We will ensure that our facilities, systems and activities are such that, the entire life cycle of the data we process, can be handled appropriately, carefully and in compliance with laws and regulations.

We will maintain the confidentiality of data belonging to our customers and partners. We will not disclose our customers’ confidential information to any third parties, and will comply with the requirements of the European Union Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all applicable privacy laws and regulations. We will ensure that our data collection and processing is conducted with diligence and according to the commitments made to our customers. We will only collect and store personal data that is strictly necessary for our activities.

We will provide services that ensure that our customers’ information processing can take place in a safe and secure manner. We will keep abreast of changes, and maintain our information and practices up-to-date with our customers and partners, to ensure that our operations are reliable. With competitive contract bids, we will always consider and take into account societal goals that guide the industry; in particular those relating to environmental, social, or small-and-medium-sized enterprise aspects of public procurement. We will promote energy-efficient and environmentally responsible goals, and utilize lifecycle costing and new cleantech solutions, in as an economic way as possible, in all our acquisitions.

We are aware of the financial responsibility associated with our activities. We will handle carefully all of the company’s own and existing assets, such as funds, facilities, equipment as well as intellectual property; and use them exclusively for our business activities.

Prevention of corruption and the grey economy

We will not accept financial crime, corruption or the grey economy. Before awarding contracts, we will ensure that our contractors have fulfilled their social obligations. We will act in a way that protects the control, transparency, and legality of our chain of operations. We will adhere to the guidelines on hospitality, according to which we may only accept small or monetarily insignificant gifts and customary hospitality. This will ensure that decision-making and our operations are professional.

Financial responsibility

Financial responsibility in the company consists of good governance, maximizing cost-effective ways of working and striving to create long-term economic plans. Vimana generates added value and cost benefits by ensuring the progress of digitalization and by supporting the harmonization and compatibility of activities in the regions.

Adhering to the ethical guidelines

We understand that as employees, we contribute to creating an ethical culture in our company. We are aware of the company’s guidelines, take responsibility for our own behavior, seek advice when uncertain, and strive to address misconduct. As managers and members of the administration, we are aware of our particular responsibility to understand the rules and guidelines relevant to our operations, to promote ethical and honest operation within the company and the importance of setting an example with our own behavior. We will ensure that employees receive proper guidance, and we will promote an environment where employees are encouraged to voice their concerns and strengthen these values ​​in their operations. As managers, we will intervene and appropriately address any potential misconduct, ensure that whistle-blowers are treated fairly, and that all employees are aware of the effective management system processes for dealing with misconducts.