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Vimana is a state-owned company that operates under the steering of the Ministry of Finance. When the regional government reform comes into effect, counties will assume ownership of 90 per cent of the company. The state will retain a 10 per cent holding.

Vimana’s operations are directed and supervised by its Board of Directors. The Customer Advisory Board supports customer steering and provides a broad-ranging perspective on the development of Vimana’s operations.

Management Team

The members of Vimana’s Management Team are shown under the contact information.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors complies with Vimana Oy’s Articles of Association, the Government Resolution on State Ownership Policy, the Ministerial Committee for Economic Policy’s Statement on Remuneration, and other current legislation. The Board’s activities are governed by the Limited Liability Companies Act (2006/624), other legislation and official regulations, guidelines and recommendations.

The Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Chair: Mirjami Laitinen (Ministry of Finance)
  • Tiina Pesonen, Director of Information Management (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health)
  • Harri Eskola, Development Director (Business Finland)
  • Anna-Mari Ahonen, Region Mayor (Häme)
  • Pertti Mäkelä, Director (HUS Information Management)
  • Juhani Heikka, Director of Regional Government Reform, ICT (Northern Ostrobothnia)
  • Tapio Niskanen, Senior Partner (Nexec Oy).

Customer Advisory Board

“County expertise and following guidance are essential in developing the company and its services!”

A broad perspective on activities and their development through cooperation. According to Section 7 of the Articles of Association, the company shall have a Customer Advisory Board whose members and number of members will be appointed by the General Meeting. The company’s operational term is the financial year. The term of office for members of the Customer Advisory Board is two consecutive financial years, so that half of the Board members will be serving their final year in alternate years.

The Customer Advisory Board handles, among others, the following matters:

  • determining the policies and development directions for the service center’s activities;
  • service development plans and other service development-related matters;
  • service quality and customer satisfaction;
  • service pricing and pricing models;
  • the cost structure and cost development on which pricing is based;
  • other comparable and broad-ranging matters that affect the center’s provision, development and use of services beyond a single customer;
  • the Customer Advisory Board draws up a plan and objectives for its activities;
  • the Customer Advisory Board launches initiatives within the scope of its tasks;

The members of the Customer Advisory Board

County Member Deputy Member
Southern Karelia Toni Suihko, CIO (chair) Aija Tuimala, Director of Change Management
Southern Ostrobothnia Ari Pätsi, CIO Timo Lilja, Head of R&D, Security Products
Southern Savonia Merja Ikäheimonen, CIO Pekka Häkkinen, Chief Director
Kainuu Jari Väisänen, CIO Ville Turunen, Planning Manager
Tavastia Proper Johanna Tulander-Välkki, Project Manager Sirpa Numari, ICT Architect
Central Ostrobothnia Mika Kivelä, CIO Jukka Kangasvieri, Fire and Rescue Manager
Central Finland Juha Romula, Senior Officer Kari Luostarinen, Development Director
Kymenlaakso Tarja Nousiainen, Project Manager Jussi Lehtinen, Director of Change Management
Lapland Sirpa Hakamaa, ICT Coordinator Mikko Päkkilä, CIO
Pirkanmaa Rami Nurmi, Project Manager Tuire Sannisto, Chief Physician
Ostrobothnia Mari Lintula, ICT Director Matias Forsen, CIO
Northern Karelia Juuso Ojasalo, ICT Specialist Tiina Soininen, Analyst
Northern Ostrobothnia Pekka Kantola, Project Manager Marko Niskala, Project Manager
Northern Savonia Tarja Miettinen, Director of Change Management (Social and Healthcare Reform) Toni Auvinen, Chief Digital Officer
Päijänne Tavastia Arja-Tuulikki Wilén, Project Manager Ville Majala, Project Coordinator
Satakunta Arttu Perttula, ICT Specialist Taina Kilpeläinen, System Specialist
Uusimaa Arja Rantanen, ICT Program Director (vice chair) Mikko Rotonen, ICT Program Director
Southwest Finland Tapio Järvenpää, CIO Antti Parpo, Director of Change Management
Ministry of Finance Vesa Lipponen, Senior Advisor Sanna Vähänen,