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About us

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Vimana Oy (the national IT service center) produces and provides Finnish its customers with shared expert and development services, and also procures the required solutions both from our partners and on the open market. Although Vimana’s offices are located in Helsinki, our personnel work in many places. The company is state-owned, and it was founded in the summer of 2017.

Our mission is

to develop and provide solutions based on digitalization and ICT services, to support and improve the productivity and impact of our customers’ activities, and to enable the development of existing and brand-new services.

Our objective is

  • to generate savings
  • to standardize working methods
  • to provide the best expertise to all regions, and
  • to ensure equal service standards in all of Finland.

Design and planning work is carried out with the aid of a nationwide network of experts. The ramping up of functions and services continues in co-operation with the network of experts, the owner, and the Customer Advisory Board.