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Vimana – realizing the digital revolution

Vimana is building up its service profile, and is already providing solutions to the counties’ provisional administration. We are currently focusing on services that must be established before the counties launch their activities. We are progressing according to plans made between Vimana and the counties, to implement new and replacement ICT services and complete the associated deployment projects.

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The goals and principles of service provision

What do we do?

Vimana seeks to provide and deploy new and innovative IT services for shared use.

Vimana’s mission is to launch and provide counties with the agreed and specified IT services in a cost-effective and secure manner.

How do we do it?

Our guiding principle is to provide local service and develop our services together with our customers. Vimana tenders out, chooses and acquires the agreed services with our selected suppliers. The services provided by Vimana are user friendly and reliable, and enable counties to develop and be productive.

What’s our role?

Our role is not only that of a provider – Vimana is a special actor that prepares and launches the agreed shared services, and also supervises their efficient deployment in customer organizations and counties, ensuring that they meet our customers’ specified standards.


Our service provision is based on satisfied customers. We continually monitor customer satisfaction, and enhance our services on the basis of their feedback. We develop our services in cooperation with counties and our customers.